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1. General Questions

1.1  What rights does immigration visa give to me?
1.2  How soon can I apply for Canadian citizenship?
1.3  Does Canada recognize dual citizenship?
1.4  How much time do I have to land?
1.5  Can immigration visa be extended?
1.6  Can Canadian citizenship be revoked?
1.7  Is there any advantage in professional assistance while applying?

2. Immigration Requirements

2.1  Who can apply for immigration visa?
2.2  What is principal applicant?
2.3  Whom can I include into my application for immigration visa?
2.4  Do I need to have some assets?
2.5  What is the point system?
2.6  How do I know if I qualify?
2.7  How can I choose the category?

3. Application Process

3.1  Must I apply to the local Canadian embassy?
3.2  What documents should I provide?
3.3  Must I provide all documents at the same time?
3.4  Must I submit originals?
3.5  Can I submit the documents in my native language?
3.6  Can I transfer my file to another post?

4. Medical Requirements

4.1  What is the medical examination about?
4.2  What are the health requirements?
4.3  Can any doctor perform the medical check?
4.4  Do all my dependents have to take the examination?
4.5  Can the examining doctor advise me about the results?
4.6  Will the results be available to me?
4.7  Where can I check out the list of diseases?

5. Police Clearance and Background Check

5.1  What is police clearance?
5.2  When should police clearance be submitted?
5.3  What if police authorities refuse to provide the certificate?
5.4  What is background check?
5.5  How long does the background check take?
5.6  What is security interview?

6. Skilled Worker Category Applications

6.1  Can I apply in any occupation?
6.2  Can I apply in an occupation other than in my diploma?
6.3  Do I need professional experience to qualify?
6.4  When the experience should be obtained??
6.5  Do I need a Canadian job offer to qualify?
6.6  Will I score points for my spouse’s personal data?
6.7  Can I get selection interview waived?
6.8  What is settlement funds?
6.9  How do I know whether I qualify?

7. Business Category Applications

7.1  What is Business Immigration Program?
7.2  What documents must I submit?
7.3  What are the language requirements?
7.4  Am I supposed to make an exploratory visit to Canada?
7.5  Can I settle in any province?
7.6  Must I submit a business plan to immigration?
7.7  Should I apply as Investor or as Entrepreneur?
7.8  Do I apply as Investor to get unconditional immigration visa?
7.9  Do I have to own property in Canada to receive immigration visa?
7.10  How do I know if I qualify?

7.11  May inherited net worth qualify?
7.12  How can Investor demonstrate source of funds?
7.13  Must Investor run business?
7.14  When Investor is supposed to invest the funds?
7.15  What happens to the funds if Investor does not receive immigration visa?
7.16  Can Investor invest funds into any fund of his choice?

7.17  What is the difference between Entrepreneur and Self-Employed visas?
7.18  How much money do I need to qualify as Entrepreneur?
7.19  Can I establish any type of business?
7.20  Can Entrepreneur change their business plan upon arrival?
7.21  Can Entrepreneur satisfy visa conditions through partnership?
7.22  Can Entrepreneur invest in his friend’s business?
7.23  Can Entrepreneur invest in his own project?

8. Family Class Applications

8.1  What is family sponsorship?
8.2  What financial requirements must sponsor meet?
8.3  What if sponsor does not meet the financial criteria?
8.4  Does sponsor have obligations to the Canadian government?
8.5  Can a relative other than listed be sponsored?
8.6  What rights and responsibilities have sponsored relatives?
8.7  Can a sponsored relative lose permanent resident status?
8.8  Must sponsored relatives support themselves?
8.9  Can sponsored relatives receive pension in Canada?
8.10  What is the application process for Family Sponsorship?
8.11  How long applications for sponsorship are processed?
8.12  Will be interview required?
8.13  What are the reasons for refusal?

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