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Application Process

3.1  Must I apply to the local Canadian embassy?

Canadian visa offices also known as Canadian Consulates, Embassies or High Commissions are spread all over the world. An application for a permanent resident visa must be made to the visa office that serves the country where the applicant is residing, if the applicant has been lawfully admitted to that country for a period of at least one year; or the applicant’s country of nationality.

Applicants under the Business category have to submit applications to the processing posts specializing in evaluation of that type of applications.

3.2  What documents should I provide?

An applicant has to provide immigration application forms as well as supporting documents which are supposed to confirm their education level, language skills, experience, adaptability, matrimonial status, availability of assets, absence of criminal charges or convictions. Each visa office has specific requirements regarding submission of supporting documents.

3.3 Must I provide supporting documents together with the application?

Immigration Regulations require supporting documents to be submitted together with the application and processing fees. While some visa offices can request to provide missing supporting documents at a later date, if the file is not complete, some others can mail the file back to the applicant.

3.4  Must I submit original documents?

Applicants are required to submit copies of the supporting documents together with the application forms. All visa offices insist that applicants submit original police clearances and documents confirming settlement funds availability.

Applicants may be required to provide original documents at immigration interview.

3.5  Can I submit the documents in my native language?

If applicant’s supporting documents are in a language other than English or French, they must be translated into either English or French. The translations must be certified.

3.6  Can I transfer my file to another processing post?

An applicant’s file can only be transferred to another visa office if this does not compromise the integrity of the file processing. The visa office can approve file transfer if there are some reasons for applicant’s request. For example, the applicant is moving to or is going to a long-term business trip to another country and will be there on legitimate grounds for at least a year. The applicant’s file processing will start from the very beginning at the new visa office.

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