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Business Applications

7.1  What is the Business Immigration Program?

Business Immigration Program allows individuals with venture capital, business skills and experience to apply for Canadian permanent resident status. This category includes investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons.

7.2  What documents must I submit?

Applicants under the Business Category are supposed to provide documents demonstrating their business skills and experience in addition to the documents submitted under the Skilled Worker Category.

7.3  What are the language requirements?

The language requirements in the Business Category are not as strict as in the Skilled Worker category.

7.4  As a business immigrant, am I supposed to make an exploratory visit to Canada?

Such a visit is not a requirement to qualify but is encouraged by immigration authorities. Such a visit will be beneficial for an applicant as it allows to examine the market conditions in the province of their choice. It also demonstrates to the processing officer the applicant’s specific qualities such as motivation and knowledge of Canadian realities. Exploratory visit to Canada entitles applicant under a Business category to 6 additional points.

7.5  As a business immigrant, can I settle in any province?

A business immigrant can live and run business in any province of their choice. However, the ten provinces and two territories of extent Canada are different in size, of industrial development and rate of economic growth. These differences affect applicant’s ability to profit from your investment or to recover the capital.

7.6  Must I submit a detailed business plan to immigration?

Not really. An applicant is rather supposed to provide a business idea, concept. Applicant is also expected to demonstrate their previous business experience which is considered as necessary prerequisite for successful business operation in Canada.

7.7  Should I apply as Investor or as Entrepreneur?

If you have a net worth of at least $800,000, you may qualify for immigration in either category. If you do not intend to be actively involved in the management of your own business, apply as an Investor. If you plan to become actively involved in the management of your own business or a partnership, apply as an Entrepreneur.

7.8  Should I apply as Investor just to get unconditional visa?

A visa with terms and conditions is not an obstacle for an Entrepreneur. Visit the province of your choice. If it is B.C., attend the Business Immigration Branch seminar in Vancouver and undertake some basic market research. You should have no difficulty in developing a good business opportunity that will also satisfy the terms and conditions of your visa within three years of your arrival in any province. If you want to be an Entrepreneur but you apply as an Investor, your capital in your immigration-qualifying investment will not be available to you or your new business for at least five years.

7.9  Do I have to own property in Canada to receive immigrant visa?

No. While you may own land or buildings in Canada, it will not affect whether you get a visa or how long it takes to get a visa. Business immigrants are selected for their business background and ability to settle in Canada in economic sense.

7.10  How do I know if I qualify or not?

You can get your personal data assessed by Ariadne Counselling. Please, fill out the online assessment form and we’ll be back with the results as soon as possible. The assessment is free, confidential, with no obligation.


7.11  May I inherit the required net worth and be eligible?

Yes, the net worth is considered qualifying if it has been obtained in a legal way.

7.12  How can Investor demonstrate the source of funds?

An applicant under the Investor Program is supposed to prove the source and process of accumulating the funds through reliable third-party documents.

7.13  Must Investor run a business?

Investor is not obliged to run business in Canada but he may if he’d like to.

7.14  When Investor is supposed to invest the qualifying funds?

An applicant under the Investor Immigration Program must pay the funds to the Receiver General for Canada before the immigrant visa is issued to them.

7.15  What happens to the funds if Investor does not receive visa?

The full funds will be returned.

7.16  Can Investor invest funds into any fund of his choice?

The qualifying funds must be placed with the Receiver General for Canada. The Canadian Government decides on the funds distribution. invested into an approved fund or business. An approved fund or business is on


7.17  What is the difference between Entrepreneur and Self-Employed visas?

A self-employed immigrant receives visa on condition to start a business to support himself and his family. An entrepreneur immigrant receives immigrant visa on conditions set by immigration authorities.

7.18  How much money do I need to qualify as Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur under the Federal Business Program must have a legally obtained net worth of at least CDN$ 300.000.

7.19  As Entrepreneur, can I establish any type of business?

Except those that are primarily targeted at deriving profits from passive investments.

7.20  Can Entrepreneur change his business plan upon arrival?

If upon arrival to Canada Entrepreneur’s initial plan does not work he may change it to another. However, a new business plan must be submitted to immigration officer for approval.

7.21  Can Entrepreneur satisfy visa conditions through a partnership?

Entrepreneur may enter a partnership with anyone. The partnership may involve an existing business or may create a new business.

7.22  Can Entrepreneur invest in his friend’s business?

Entrepreneur may invest in any business that meets the guidelines for acceptable business investments and in which the Entrepreneur will take an active management role.

7.23  Can Entrepreneur invest in his own project?

Entrepreneurs can invest in their own project or a partnership provided they are actively engaged in the management of the business.

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