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General Questions

1.1  What rights does immigration visa give to me?

Once landed with immigration visa, an individual enjoys the right to live and work anywhere in Canada. The immigration visa entitles an individual to permanent resident status. The immigration visa implies certain rights and responsibilities which make it revocable.

1.2  How soon can I apply for Canadian citizenship?

A permanent resident can apply for Canadian citizenship after physically residing in Canada for 3 years. If you leave Canada during that period, this can delay your ability to apply for Canadian citizenship.

1.3  Does Canada recognize dual citizenship?

Yes, Canada recognizes whatever citizenship an individual has. If you have Canadian citizenship, Canada does not require you to abandon your original citizenship.

1.4  How much time do I have to land?

Immigration visa validity is one year since the issue date. An individual must land either before the visa expiry date or before the first anniversary of his/her medical check, whichever comes first

1.5  Can immigration visa be extended?

No, immigration visa can not be extended. If conditions mentioned in paragraph 1.4 have not been met, an individual will have to initiate the application process again from the very beginning.

1.6  Can Canadian citizenship be revoked&

If Canadian citizenship has been obtained through fraudulent immigration presentation it can be revoked. This applies to those who received Canadian citizenship through naturalization process.

1.7  Is there any advantage in professional assistance while applying?

Though the Canadian government does not require an applicant to have a representative, the statistics indicate that the chances to succeed increase if a professional is involved. The Canadian legislation is subject to frequent changes. It is implemented by Immigration Officer whose decision to a great extent involves discretionary authority vested in him. With the new Immigration Act and Regulations in place, the role of the file preparation increases as there could be no personal interview.

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