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Health Requirements

4.1  What is the medical examination about?

All applicants and their dependents, whether accompanying the principal applicant to Canada or not, are required to undergo and pass the medical examination. The medical examination is intended to check if applicant and their dependents meet the health requirements set by the Canadian government. If not, immigration visa can be refused.

4.2  What are the health requirements?

Applicants’ and their dependents’ medical condition should not be a danger to public health and should not be excessive burden on the Canadian public health or social systems. The factors considered during the medical assessment include whether or not hospitalization or medical, social or institutional care are required and whether potential employability or productivity could be affected.

4.3  Can any doctor perform the medical check?

No, medical practitioners designated by the Canadian government can only perform the medical examinations. The list of designated practitioners can be obtained from a Canadian visa office.

4.4  Do all my dependents have to take the examination?

All dependents of applicant in the Skilled Worker category, whether accompanying or not, must undergo the examination. If any of them does not pass the medical examination, the whole family will be refused immigration visas.

4.5  Can the examining doctor advise me about the results?

The doctor can advise you about health-related problems only. The medical immigration officer makes decision on whether or not the medical examination has been passed.

4.6  Will the results be available to me?

The results of the medical examination are never available to the applicant. They are property of the Canadian government. However, the applicant will be advised in writing if there is a problem with the examination results.

4.7  Where can I check out the list of diseases?

There is no list of diseases that can represent a reason for refusal on medical grounds. When assessing health condition, the medical officer checks not only for certain diseases but also evaluates the medical condition of the applicant and dependents at the time of the examination.

4.8  What does “Procedural fairness letter” mean?

The letter is mailed by visa office to applicant when there are serious problems in the medical condition of the applicant and/or their dependents. The letter provides a chance to the applicant to provide additional information that could change officer’s intention to refuse on medical grounds.

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