Immigration Requirements
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Immigration Requirements

2.1  Who can apply for immigration visa?

Any individual from any country of origin or residence who meets the requirements set by the Canadian government may apply for immigration to Canada.

2.2  What is principal applicant?

Principal applicant is a family member who according to his/her personal data scores the best number of points under the selection criteria set by the Canadian government.

2.3  Whom can I include into my application for immigration visa?

An applicant can include his/her spouse and dependent children into the application. Other family members, such as parents or brothers and sisters, can not be included into application. Once an applicant lands, parents can be sponsored under the Family Class. The sponsor has to meet financial requirements set by the Canadian government.

Applicant’s or his/her spouse’s brothers and sisters, while applying on their own, will enjoy better points under the selection criteria.

2.4  Do I need to have some assets?

The Canadian government does not provide financial assistance to independent immigrants who are expected to be self-supporting. All independent immigrants must prove that they have enough money to support themselves and their dependents for some time after they arrive in Canada. You will be asked to provide a proof of readily transferable funds.

2.5  What is the point system?

Applicant’s personal data are assessed against the selection criteria and are awarded points for the factors under consideration. An applicant must score the set minimum of points to qualify in the class or category under which he or she applied.

2.6  How do I know if I qualify?

You can request a Preliminary Application Questionnaire from a Canadian Consulate. Once you fill out and submit it, the Consulate will advise you if it’s worth while for you to apply. Due to their workload it can take a while.

You can also get your personal data assessed by Ariadne Counselling. Please, fill out the online assessment form and we’ll be back with the results within 2 to 3 working days. The assessment is free, confidential, with no obligation.

2.7  How can I choose the category to apply in?

Our assessment results will include recommendation with regard to the class or category which is the most preferable for you to apply in. We will also advise you who of your family is the most suitable to apply as principal applicant.

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