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Security Check

5.1  What is police clearance?

Police clearance is a document that certifies that an individual has no criminal record. Applicant and each dependent over the age of 18 must provide no criminal record certificates from all countries where they resided for 6 months or more since the age of 18 years.

5.2  When should police clearance be submitted?

Police clearance documents must be submitted together with application forms, supporting documents and processing fees. Visa offices accept only original no criminal record certificates. Visa offices usually consider them valid for 6 months since the issue date.

5.3  What if police authorities refuse to provide the certificate?

Visa offices assume that police clearance must be obtained. In case of refusal, applicant can submit the official refusal letter instead.

5.4  What is background check?

Background check is conducted to check out if applicant or any of his dependents could be involved in espionage or terrorism activities or be of any other danger to Canada. Background check starts shortly after the application was logged in and is conducted parallel to application consideration without applicant’s participation.

5.5  How long does the background check take?

There is no set timeframe for background check. Its duration can be affected by such factors as military service, foreign trips, membership in political organizations. It takes as much time as it requires.

5.6  What is security interview?

Security interview is different from selection interview. It is a part of the background check and designed for the same purpose as background check. Applicant can be called to security interview even if selection interview has been waived.

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