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Skilled Worker

6.1  Can I apply in any occupation?

An applicant can apply in an occupation that is in the category of Skill Type 0, or Skill Level A or B on the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC). If applicant’s occupation is not in the List, the application will be refused.

6.2  Can I apply in an occupation other than in my diploma?

Yes, you can apply in an occupation other than in the diploma if you have experience in the occupation and it’s in the category of Skill Type 0, or Skill Level A or B on the NOC.

6.3  Do I need professional experience to qualify?

Applicant must have at least one year experience in an occupation as listed above to apply. If they do not, the application will be refused, there will no further consideration.

6.4  When the experience should be obtained?

The experience must be obtained at any time within last 10 years preceding the application.

6.5  Do I need a Canadian job offer to qualify?

This is not a requirement to qualify. But applicant will benefit if they have a job offer from a Canadian employer which could entitle them to up to 15 extra points for the arranged employment factor.

6.6  Will I score points for my spouse’s personal data?

Applicant is entitled to points for adaptability which includes points for spouse’s educational background, previous work or study in Canada, availability of relatives in Canada.

6.7  Can I get selection interview waived?

Selection interviews will not happen too often under the new Regulations. Now interview is mostly required if officer needs to verify the verassity of the documentation and facts. In other cases, he will be able to make decision based on the documentation and information provided.

6.8  What is settlement funds?

The Canadian government does not provide financial assistance to independent immigrants. They are supposed to have assets to support themselves and their dependents upon arriving to Canada. Applicant must demonstrate the availability of the required amount before immigration visa is issued. If an applicant has an arranged employment in Canada he does not have to provide a proof of settlement funds availability.

6.9  How do I know whether I qualify?

You can get your personal data assessed by Ariadne Counselling. Please, fill out the online assessment form and we’ll be back with the results. The assessment is free, confidential, with no obligation.

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