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To be eligible for Canadian government immigration, a foreign national must apply for and be granted Canadian Permanent Resident (Immigrant) Visa. Individuals to whom an immigrant visa has been issued present themselves to an immigration officer at one of Canada’s official ports of entry in order to be granted Permanent Resident Status.

Obtaining “permanent residence” or “permanent resident status” in Canada is also known as becoming a “landed immigrant.”

Canadian permanent residents are entitled to live and work anywhere in Canada, enjoy most of the privileges of Canadian Citizenship. After 3 years of residence in Canada a permanent resident may be eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship. Permanent residents may sponsor their non-Canadian family members wishing to obtain permanent resident status in Canada.

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There are different ways to qualify for Canadian permanent resident status: as an Economic Immigrant; as a member of the Family Class; and, in certain cases, as a Refugee.

Skilled Workers

Foreign professionals who can prove their ability to become economically established in Canada may obtain permanent resident status in Canada under the Skilled Worker Immigration Category.
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Business Immigration

There are two programs available for foreign nationals with business experience. The program managed by the Federal government and the program managed by the government of Quebec are the two major options for applicants who qualify for Business Immigration.
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Family Class

Certain non-Canadian relatives of Canadian citizens and permanent residents are considered by Immigration Canada to be Members of the Family Class. They can receive permanent resident status in Canada through Family Class Sponsorship.
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