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Permanent Resident Card

Permanent resident card is required for all immigrants who are planning leaving the country and returning on a commercial carrier (airplane, boat, train or bus). You will have to present a proof of your permanent resident status in Canada before being allowed boarding a commercial carrier heading to Canada.

The permanent resident card is the official proof of the person’s status as a permanent resident in Canada.

You must renew your card every five years. You can apply to renew your card if you were physically present in Canada at least 730 days in the five-year period.

We provide the following assistance in renewing permanent resident cards:

  • Providing the forms and the list of supporting documentation;
  • Guidance in filling the forms and assembling the documents;
  • Submitting the documents and dealing with the processing center;
  • Monitoring the status of the application;
  • Fixing the problems if they arise during the application processing.

The application process through Ariadne Counselling looks the following way:

  • Upon receipt of the payment, within one business day we’ll e-mail you the forms and list of the supporting documents with instructions;
  • You e-mail us the filled forms and the documents for a review. We’ll provide our comments within one business day;
  • After we’ve reviewed the package, you’ll be advised to ship the filled forms and copies of the documents to our office;
  • We’ll finalize and submit the package to the processing center and e-mail you a scanned copy of the receipt from Post Express or a courier service (FedEx or UPS) with the tracking number.

Your total expenses for the regular service: CND$290.00 (includes our professional fee; the government processing fee of CND$50.00; taxes; shipping charges).

Your total expenses for the urgent service: CND$340.00 (includes our professional fee; the government processing fee of CND$50.00; taxes; shipping charges).

Our urgent service includes urgent filing for the applicants who need a permanent resident card on an urgent basis. You are supposed to document compelling reasons for the processing of your application on an urgent basis.

We back up our services with the money back guarantee, which means that if your application is refused, we’ll return the fee for the services you have paid us.

To assess your eligibility to apply to renew your permanent resident card, please fill out the permanent resident card free assessment.


Free assessment

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