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Skilled Workers: Assured Employment

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Skilled Workers: Assured Employment

Assured Employment is a process by which the Quebec government determines whether a particular job offer made by a Quebec employer to a foreign individual could be approved.

The job offer must be for permanent full-time employment in a high-skilled occupation. The employer must provide a proof of being in business for not less than 12 months and must reserve the position for the applicant until the applicant receives immigrant visa and arrives to Quebec.

The job offer will not be approved if there is a labor dispute at the place of the arranged employment. The proposed occupation must be one for which the provincial government has determined there is a workforce scarcity or be on a list of Exemptions of proof of workforce scarcity, or alternatively, the proposed employer must be able to demonstrate that he has made reasonable efforts to hire qualified Quebec residents or those who could be trained for the position within a year at most.

To be approved for the job, the applicant must have relevant employment experience, which means they must have qualification at a level higher than Skill Level “C” as per the National Occupational Classification and meet the employment requirements for the occupation as per the Classification.




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